Geek Things

Honestly, we have been waiting for you. Here is a place to jog your memory about things you felt attached to when you were young, and that you might want to relive once more. In this place, we are all geeks – the happy type. A lot of us identify ourselves as geeks just because we have been put down, hurt and excluded by others due to our interest in “uncool” things, but that is about to change.

It might interest you to know that after all that is said and done, everyone is a geek in one way or another. Gone are the days when people view us as socially awkward people with zero person skills, they know geeks really rule the world – we have dominated the billionaires’ list over and over again. In light of this, we created this platform to give you reviews about everything geek related games, films and comics.

What do We Cover?

We understand superheroism and the need to save the world, so leave all the research and reviews to us – we’ve got you covered. You will find in-depth reviews about popular geek games, identifying the pros and cons of different games and if the game is worth checking out at all. In case, we have not reviewed the game you are looking for, just draw our attention to it and we will consider adding it to our list.

On this platform, you will find a lot of interesting stuff to learn about. Our aim is to save you time by providing the information you need about your geeky interests. We will also be putting up different reviews on films you might be interested in. All you need to do now is to just take time out and surf around to see what we have for you. Do not forget to drop comments or give feedback to help us improve.