Popular Games Right Now

Online gaming has become a trend over the last few years where millions of kids and adults enjoy playing games as they compete at who is better. Although parents might not approve of the hours spent in front of the screen, most people take pleasure in resting while playing games after a long day’s work. Let us now look at the most popular games being played around the world in 2019.

League of Legends (LoL)

This is a MOBO type game that attracts thousands of fans each day. LoL is a successful game testament to its record-breaking number of players who stand to exceed over 100 million in numbers. LoL is the most streamed game with over 10 million subscribers. There are more than 2,00 tournaments being played around the year with more than 5,000 professional players. The prize fund for these tournaments gets to 50 million dollars.

Dota 2

Dota was the first game to be released by MOBA. Although it has fewer tournaments compared to LoL, it has more than 14 million players who enjoy playing it. Dota is such as a successful game to the point where the prize money gets to 140 million dollars on a yearly basis.


Global Offensive, which is the third release of the Counter-Strike series is a popular shooter game. It has more than 9,000 professional players, and it also has approximately 12 million players. CS:GO is among the top most paying esports game where more than 3000 tournaments are played each year with a prize fund of a staggering 42 million dollars.

Sic Bo

Macau has become the top gambling centre in the world after overtaking Las Vegas, and it is stated that Sic Bo online game is one of the recent games that is gaining popularity over the internet.

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